Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Geometry passport (maps)

WALT - position and orientation 

These are my maps. 

My target:

Feedback: I think that it was great!
Feedforward: What I think that you might need to work on are your sentences, spelling (like spacing) and where you put your commas and fullstops. But it looks like that you have worked hard on it :)

Description: This is the map and my key for Friendship Island,  
that I did with my friend Kate. 
We learnt what a key was its got all the symbols
that match on the map.

This is my compass there's north,east,south,west,north west,north east,south east,south west,

Description: This is my 
Hansel and Gretel map, its from their house to the witch's house.We had to 
use compass directions.

These are the instructions. 
  1. Start from Hansel and Gretels home
  2. Walk 8 squares South East
  3. 1 square South
  4. 5 squares East
  5. 1 square North
  6. 2 squares East

This was a draft!

Description:  This is pirate island we had to follow the 
instructions to get to the treasure chest. Kate and I highlighted the path to the treasure chest.We started at blue lagoon and we found the treasure at the lightning tree by lake lucky.


  1. Tui, I really like the variety of maps you have made and put onto your blog. Maybe next time you could use some of your new mapping skills on 'Task One' in the Geometry passport. Ngā Mihi, Rosie

  2. i think you need to put the rest of the post criteria on this post please.