Sunday, 18 September 2016

Shapes around the School!

WALT: find shapes in the school.
Description: I walked round the school to find these shapes.
Feedback: You did great finding your shapes for your photos. 
Feedforward: You could have done clearer photos.
Target: Yellow

Triangular prism



Rectangular prism 
Rectangular prism


Wednesday, 7 September 2016


WALT: research and write information about our country!
Description:This is my slide for Italy we started this after we cooked in seed to table week. you will find much more about Italy in the slide
feedback:I love it Tui it is awesome if I did one like that I would be proud of myself so you should be proud of your self. Mikaela
feedforward:  next time you could add some more photos to the food slide.  you could make the color of your writing on your designs in italy slide. Mikaela   
target/Evaluation: I think got I yellow target  because I could have done it yesterday when most of the class was done.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Seed to table

Description: On the 5th week of school our class did cooking all week. On  Monday the Greece group cooked and on Tuesday Mexico, Wednesday England,  Thursday (me) Italy and Friday Bangladesh. We cooked pasta and meatballs for our main and dessert was sweet pizza with caramel sauce. Gina and Jo were the helpers, who we made cards for them.
 WALT: to cook food from the country we are researching  about.
Evaluation: I think I did great and did lots of cooking.

Feedback: I love your photos you must of been having lots of fun because you look happy.  
Feedforward: It was great but next time you could  make your writing make sense on your evaluation and spell words right as well as capital letters. From Mikaela